A’ME Grip Savers are a unique, simple and totally secure grip end protector that will fit most BMX Grips and Handlebars. They are designed to fit inside the handlebar and will protect the end of the grip and handlebar upon impact with the ground due to rider mishap or due to normal wear and tear.


A’ME Grip Savers are made from a proprietary blend of Nylon material that have high impact capabilities and are resistant to most chemicals.


A’ME Grip Savers come in a variety of colors and are easy to install.


•Unique, Simple and totally Secure Grip End Protector


•Fit inside Handlebars with I.D. ranging from .625” to .800”or (15.9 mm to 20.3 mm)


•Made from a proprietary blend of Nylon Material


•Sold in pairs including necessary hardware and installation instructions


•Offered in kits with A’ME’s BMX Round, Tri, Full Waffle and Half-Waffle Grips


•Made in USA


•Offered in Black, Blue, Red and White. Call manufacturer for special colors


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