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80's BMX Poster by Dale Davis

Dale Davis did this iconic poster for A'ME with caricatures of legendary BMX racers, Teams & Factories include: Cook Bros, JMC, Vans, Maxium, Haro, GT, Schwinn, CW, Robinson, Pro-Neck, Huffy, Patterson, Torker, Haselhorst, Nomura & others. You guys who were involved in BMX Racing in the 1980s will recognize the caricature portraits of the fifteen or so high profile racers who comprised the A'ME Test Team.

Legacy of Success

Legendary Leader on the Trail, the Track & the Street

A’ME was originally founded in 1974 to design, develop, manufacture, and market, injection molded products based on new and patented technology. The famous A’ME Triangle has been the mark of champions on the off-road circuit for decades. In the 1980’s A’ME became one of the most popular BMX Grip producers in the world of competitive BMX.

From the Beginning Until Today...

The original, groundbreaking A’ME Tri Grip is still being produced today and are still found in the winner’s circle of championship teams. All our grips and other industry products we produce are made exclusively in the USA. Not just manufactured in the USA, but every process, every ingredient material that goes into our cutting-edge grips, is sourced right here in the USA!

A’ME has a long history in the sport of BMX, ATV, Off-Road and Motocross. We have been a leading force behind the evolution of competitive grips; A’ME Tri grips, BMX round grips, Duals, and many others were groundbreaking contributors to the sport’s growth into the world of competitive sports. 

The "Titanium Man," Bob Rutten...

This Baja 1000 winner is still a furious competitor at age 67. With his titanium knees, Rutten still competes and gives his fans something to marvel about. Bob Rutten is Vice President of Gripos Inc, the parent company to A’ME Grips. During the work week, Bob oversees the production of grips. But on weekends, you can find him on the motocross track field-testing the performance of A’ME grips. This is one reason we say, “AME grips are made for champions!”

“Phil Downey and Bob Paley started A’ME as a small shop making plastic parts for airplanes. When I was a young pro racer, Bob helped me get sponsorships. As A’ME grew, they offered me a job. It was great because I could make money but get time off to get to the races when I needed it. I started as a machine operator. Then I learned tooling, moved to machining and eventually became the general manager. I’ve been with A’ME for about 45 years.”


“Recently, I started helping promote our new products, so I became the marketing director. I contact teams, work with magazines, deal with advertising and go to trade shows. The company has always encouraged me to get involved with different sports and events. It has been really fun lately because of the technical aspect of our newest products, like our heated grips. It’s really a fun time.”


The A'ME Triangle has been a part of our product designs for decades. The pattern has always represented and actually provided; rugged, legendary grip in the harshest environments when the challenge demands reliable performance and resistance to high-impact challenges on the trail or the road.
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