A’ME BMX Unitron Grips – Best BMX Bike Grips

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A’ME BMX Unitron Grips fit most 7/8″ Bars

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A’ME BMX Unitron Grips – Explore the iconic A’ME Triangle at the end of one of the most beloved BMX Grips from the 1980s. The sought-after A’ME Unitron Grip, initially introduced in 1980, is making a comeback in response to high demand, re-entering the vibrant BMX marketplace.

Discover the cutting-edge A’ME Unitron Grips, representing the pinnacle of BMX grip technology. Crafted from Vulcathane™, a specially formulated rubber compound enriched with UV stabilizers, these grips showcase exceptional oxidation and ozone resistance. Experience grips that defy moisture absorption, deterioration, hardening, or slickness with age, offering unparalleled durability and comfort.

Installation of A’ME BMX Unitron Grips is a breeze, and they come in a spectrum of colors to complement various BMX bicycles and components. The A’ME Raised and lowered Pattern ensures a secure, No-Slip surface in both wet and dry conditions. Enjoy the benefits of dual colors and a dual compound with a robust internal sleeve for extended durability. The Thermo Rubber Compound guarantees comfort and control, while the oversized flange and large end cap add a distinctive touch.

A’ME BMX Unitron Grips
✔ Weight 4.25oz
✔ Mounted Diameter 1.20in
✔ End to End length 5.20in
✔ Hand Area length 4.25in

✔ A’ME Raised and lowered Pattern creates a No-Slip surface in wet or dry conditions.
✔ Dual colors and dual compound with hard internal sleeve for durability.
like multi colored grips check out this A’ME Dual Grips
✔ Thermo Rubber Compound for Comfort and Control.
✔ Oversized Flange and Large End Cap
✔ Easy Installation
✔ Made in USA

Make a statement with A’ME BMX Unitron Grips, not just a product but a testament to quality and innovation. Proudly made in the USA, these grips promise a seamless blend of style and performance for BMX enthusiasts.

Weight 4.25 oz
Dimensions 5.20 × 3.5 × 2.5 in
Multi Colors

Black over Grey, Grey over Black, Red over Black, Blue over Black, White over Black, Blue over Green, Black over Red, Blue over Red, White over Red, Black over Blue, Red over Blue, White over Blue, Black over White, Green over White, Pink over White, Red over White, Blue over White, Black over Yellow, Blue over Yellow, White over Yellow


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