Best Freestyle BMX – A’ME Tri Grips flangeless – MTB, ATV, PW, Snow

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A’ME Best Freestyle BMX Grips fit most 7/8″ Bars

Best Freestyle BMX – A’ME Tri Grips flangeless – MTB, ATV, PW, Snow

Discover the pinnacle of grip technology with A’ME’s BMX/MTB/PW/Snow Freestyle Grips. Crafted from Vulcathane™, a specially formulated rubber compound enriched with UV stabilizing ingredients, these grips showcase exceptional resistance to oxidation and ozone, ensuring they stay in prime condition over time.

Elevate your riding experience with A’ME’s proven technology and American-made quality. Upgrade to A’ME Freestyle the Best Freestyle BMX Grips today.

Best Freestyle BMX
✔ Weight 3.59oz
✔ Mounted Diameter 1.18in
✔ End to End length 4.92in
✔ Hand Area length 4.53in

✔ Moisture-Resistant: A’ME Freestyle grips stand firm against moisture absorption, safeguarding them from deterioration or hardening, even as they age.
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✔ No-Slip Tread: The innovative No-Slip tread surface pattern provides outstanding control in all weather conditions, effectively reducing the risk of blisters and arm fatigue.
✔ Easy Installation: These grips are designed for effortless installation, ensuring you can enjoy their benefits without hassle.
✔ Made in the USA: Crafted with precision and care in the United States, A’ME grips exemplify quality and craftsmanship.
✔ Raised Triangle Surface Pattern: A’ME’s signature raised triangle pattern not only enhances grip but also allows for unrestricted hand movement, enhancing your riding experience.
✔ Flange-Free Design: These grips come without flanges, providing a clean and minimalist appearance.
✔ Large End Cap: The grips feature a large end cap for added durability and style.

Renowned as the best freestyle BMX grips and among the top choices for bicycle enthusiasts, A’ME BMX/MTB/PW/Snow Freestyle Grips are the ultimate solution for riders seeking superior bike grips and the best freestyle grips on the market.


Weight 3.59 oz
Dimensions 4.92 × 3.5 × 2.5 in

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