Grip Savers

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The purpose of A’ME Grip Savers is to protect the end of the grip from damage due to a fall and also to help secure the grip from slipping off the handlebar.

  • They will fit many brands of 7/8″ diameter bicycle and motorcycle handlebars with an inside diameter ranging from 16mm to 21.5mm.
  •  They are made from a high impact nylon material.
  • They are available in many colors.
  • They are easy to install by simply cutting or drilling a larger hole in the end of the grip and inserting the Grip Saver into the handlebar and tightening the screw.
    • This also allows grips to be shortened for smaller hands with the Grip Saver becoming the end of the grip.
  • As with all A’ME products, Grip Savers are “Made in America” at our manufacturing plant in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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