DuxButt™ Electrical Connectors are currently being used as a critical component in A’ME Heated Grips that are being sold to the Power Sports and Recreational Industries such as; ATV, Snowmobile, Personal Watercraft and

Mountain Biking.


Because of their reliability under various mechanical and environmental forces, A’ME is now offering these weatherproof state-of-the-art connectors to other industries for a wide variety of applications including Automotive,

Boating etc.


A’ME’s DuxButt™ Connectors are manufactured in U.S.A. All connectors are subjected to comprehensive in-house testing requirements. In addition the connectors must also undergo extensive field-testing in various environments and elements throughout the year including being submerged in water.


A’ME DuxButt™ Connectors have a high insulation value and a low contact resistance to pressure, oil, water and vibration.


A’ME DuxButt™Connectors are extremely durable and can be quickly

and easily assembled during repeated connection and disconnection cycles.


A’ME offers a 6 month Manufacture

Warranty on all DuxButt™ connectors.


•Connector bodies are molded in a special blend of Vulcathane™ material with an easy grip surface that is extremely durable including being ozone resistant.


•High quality nickel plated terminals are used to insure a long lasting, non-interrupted connection.


•Male and Female connector bodies are precisely form fitted to insure watertight connection.


•Each male and female connector come with a 15” standard length, 20 gauge protected wire leads for 5 amps at 12 volts. Also available in 22 gauge wire.


•When plugged together, the Connector body measures 21/32” in diameter and 2.5” long.


•Connectors are available in either a 2 wire-2 terminal or 4 wire-4 terminal style.


•Made in USA


•Custom lengths can be special ordered upon request. Contact A’ME for pricing.

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